We understand that protecting your family’s wealth for the benefit of your loved ones will be of vital importance to you. That’s why at Libertas Financial Management we will work with you to help reduce the potential impact of inheritance tax and guide you through the complexities of Estate Planning.
Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax due on the value of an individual’s estate over a certain sum. Currently (2021/2022), the limit for an individual is £325,000 and for a married or widowed couple the limit is £650,000. In addition to this, the Government has introduced the Main Residence Nil Rate Band which can benefit certain individuals.

Our Financial Planners will work with you to help quantify you current Inheritance Tax liability, the potential tax reliefs which may be applicable and help support you in making more confident, well informed decisions on reducing your tax liability.

There are a range of trusts and investments available which allow you retain control over your savings, or potentially draw an income if required, whilst working to reduce your overall Inheritance Tax liability.

Tax and Estate Planning services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.